About Us

Welcome to the Belarusan Event Center, conveniently located in Strongsville, Ohio. We are a full-service catering and event facility accommodating up to 400 guests. Treat your friends and family to an elegant evening in our newly renovated beautiful and modern ballroom that is fully equipped with cutting edge technology for a truly memorable reception. Begin your journey here, at the Belarusan Event Center catered by  Madd Chef’s Richard Cicic.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to giving you the wedding reception of your dreams. Our event planners will work with you personally from beginning to end to ensure attention to every detail. In keeping with your requests and preferences, the end result will be a unique and thoughtfully planned event customized to the both of you.

Making Life Easier With Technology

Making your wedding extra special starts with technology. We are pleased to offer our guests the latest technological features including wireless PC connections, enhanced Wi-Fi,  and mobile phone boosters for reliable connectivity wherever you go. Belarusan Event Center offers five 120″ overhead projectors for your wedding slide show presentations needs. Add integrated video streaming or karaoke for more entertainment options for your guests.

The Belarusan Event Center also offers the ultimate lighting solution to customize the color scheme for every wedding or event. Over one million color options are offered to illuminate your special events beautifully! Complete with revolutionary color-changing walls in the main ballroom to set the mood right.

Since It’s highly likely that technology has played a crucial role in your wedding since the start of your planning. Perhaps even before your partner popped the big question. While going digital in the planning stages of a wedding may be easy, finding ways to incorporate it into your big day can be more difficult.

We’ve narrowed down all the reasons why a technology-friendly wedding can be all the more appealing for you and your guests and implemented them to our hall.

History Of The Belarusan Event Center

The Belarusan Center is located on 16 acres in Strongsville, Ohio. It was purchased in 1967 and incorporated in 1974. The Belarusan was named after the region in Belarus. Many proud Belarusan immigrants became business owners, worked as a tradesman or in factories around Cleveland. Collectively, they raised the funds to create and build a community center to preserve and further their Belarusan heritage, language, and culture.

Richard Cicic of Madd Chefs was approached by several board members of the Belarusan Event Center to lead the way through changes to create an updated facility that caters to the needs and trends of today’s modern events. Madd Chefs as a company has overseen to a complete renovation of the center both cosmetic and structural, also includes state of the art technology to help usher the Belarusan Event Center into the next phase of advanced event planning. Rich and his team are committed to an ongoing half-million dollar reconstruction to ensure this project comes to fruition.

Madd Chefs is our parent wedding and event catering company operating at The Belarusan Event Center. Our approach to food is from the perspective of culinary artistry while keeping it fun and enjoyable. Madd Chefs prides itself in a cutting-edge approach to food while holding onto the rich flavors of regional Midwest cuisine.

You can download our rules here. (pdf)

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